Friday, December 18, 2015

2 stage rocket set up

Finally got all the bits made for this rocket. It's based on the Bugwubber design and US water Rockets video. Not flown yet. Just a set up in my house.

The parts are all wood and fiberglass. Even the dowels are bamboo skewers. Yep they can take a lot of shear force.
The main stage is 90mm 1.25L approx 4L and the top a splice of 70mm. approx1.8L total.
There will be 2 tiny parachute to pack either side of the clamp section. I hope it's enough to bring it down safely.
Doubt it will take much pressure (maybe 80psi, but a real test will tell.
Probably need to remake clamp from kevlar or aluminium?
The second stage chute deployment is based on RaketfuedRockets idea. Thanks to all the community who share these fun concepts. Was a complex build and hope it doesn't get destroyed on first launch.

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